Explore your neighborhood while on a fantastic adventure

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“It’s cool to play this with friends.
We had so much fun” 

– N. Gamini
“Adventurous is an intriguing way to discover the real world under the guidance of the imagined world of enhanced reality.” 

– D. O’Neal

how the adventure works

  • 1

    Choose your adventure

    Choose your Adventure and which neighborhood you want to play it in
  • 2

    Start your mission

    Get your Puzzle Kit with a map of places to visit and puzzles to be used throughout the Adventure
  • 3

    Walk around to find clues and solve puzzles

    Visit different locations all within walking distance (½ mile) in order to progress through your adventure
  • 4

    interact with fun and educational activities

    Activities include anything from finding something in the real environment, meeting fictional characters, and solving fun puzzles
  • 5

    Complete the adventure

    Complete all of the activities and save the day!
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