the abandoned astronaut

Incoming transmission from IDPM3400… Please standby… SOS!

Is anyone there? This is Interdimensional Agent A003. My portal exploded and stranded me in a collapsing dimension. If you’re receiving this transmission I need your help.

Help return the astronaut to her original dimension by going on a scavenger hunt and puzzle solving Adventure through your neighborhood.

Tickets are $15 per group and recommended for friends or families with kids ages 6+. Bookings must be placed at least 2 days ahead of your event date for a puzzle kit to be mailed in time for your Adventure!

Help the abandoned astronaut return to her original dimension

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Once you've booked your adventure, here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll receive your Puzzle Kit to be used on your Adventure by mail or pick it up at participating businesses

  • You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on where and how to start the rescue mission

  • When you are ready to start the rescue mission, just send us a text telling us that you are ready to get started

  • Once we receive your text, we will immediately send you your first location where to start your first quests
  • Complete all five quests, visiting unique locations (walking distance), in order to find each clue. Find all the clues to rescue the Astronaut and bring her back to our dimension
  • The entire adventure can be completed in 1 hour

Frequently asked questions

How do we receive information about the rescue mission?
Our Adventures are shared via text message. You will receive text message communications at the beginning of your adventure, as well as after completing each quest

Does everyone in my party need to have a cell phone?
No. If you are staying together as a group (recommended)

Why do you need my shipping address
Your group will need to solve puzzles throughout the Adventure. We need your mailing address to get a Puzzle Kit to you

How early in advance do I need to book my Adventure?
You'll need to book your Adventure at least 2 days ahead to give us enough time to mail you your Puzzle Kit

What’s in the Puzzle Kit?
You can expect a map through the neighborhood and puzzle sheets to be used along your Adventure

What is the recommended age range?
The Adventure is best for groups or families with kids ages 6+

How long does this Adventure last?
Adventures last on average 1 to 1.5 hours

How much walking will be required?
The entire adventure is within walking distance of the starting destination. Expect to walk no more than .5 miles to complete the entire adventure

How many people are needed for each Adventure?
Adventures are great for small to large groups. While Adventures are still a lot of fun alone, we recommend 2-4 people for an optimal experience
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