Adventure through fisherman's wharf

Learn about San Francisco’s famous landmark while on a fantastic scavenger hunt through Fisherman’s Wharf

Frederico Gallo was a fisherman during the Gold Rush. Now, he’s a friendly spirit in search of his long lost treasure. Visit different locations along the Wharf to help him retrace his steps, learn about the neighborhood, and uncover the details to find what he's lost!

Tickets are $5 per person and recommended for families with kids ages 6+.

how it works

The day before the event, we’ll send you a confirmation email with instructions on where and how to start the Adventure.

The Adventure is self-guided. You’ll receive your quest and map via text message. As you visit each point of interest, you’ll explore the location to find the keyword to reply and continue the story. Visit all the locations to uncover the clues and find the lost treasure!

Each location is walking distance and completable within 1 - 1.5hrs.

Friday, July 19th

$5 per person

Friday, July 26th

$5 per person

Sunday, July 28th

$5 per person

Saturday, July 20th

$5 per person

Sunday, July 21st

$5 per person

Saturday, July 27th

$5 per person

Friday, August 16th

$5 per person

Saturday, August 17th

$5 per person

Sunday, August 18th

$5 per person


Currently available in San Francisco Bay Area
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